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Users participation at industryabout.com is one of the main features of this web. At this moment all registered users have editing skills and enhanced communication with web admins.


Industryabout.com will receive information from users and after check it will be incorporated to our public database. Users can submit information from every industrial card.


This is an important question, despite industryabout.com is not a wiki web we provide improved skills to users that collaborate in the ever-growing world industrial database, this database will be always freely accesible for the general public, and this is one of industryabout.com strong advantage from other industrial directories.





1 - User Menu


You can register a new user for free at User Login Menu, at the bottom of the left column in every page of our site.


Just click in Register link and you will see a formulary with simple data. Fill it and, after you will receive an email from industryabout.com. You must activate you user by clicking in the link provided.


Now you can fill User Login Menu (left column) and when you log in you will see a new menu in the top pf the page called  USER MENU.


Currently, at this menu you can see 4 features that allow users to participate in industryabout.com:


• My profile

• Send industrial factory information

• Send news

• Send a message to industryabout.com



1.1 – My profile


At this section you can modify some characteristics of your User profile.



1.2 - Send industrial factory information


Just fill some required fields and you can easy submit new information about industries of any world region. This will be very useful to business activities in your city or in your country, also you can provide data from your industrial company and be more visible in every part of the world.


It’s IMPORTANT that you submit information only from industrial facilities that manufacture products. Information from company sales offices, headquarters or commercial shops and warehouses won’t be showed in our public database.



1.3 - Send news


In the same way like factory information submission you can also send News information about industrial sectors or industrial facilities. You can see the diffentent news categories listed, you only have to choose one, and submit an url and a title. In a few minutes information will be checked and published if its approved.



1.4 - Send a message to industryabout.com


Communication between Users and Web Admins will be preferential.


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