26 June 2014. Since a week ago, Baiji Oil Refinery the main downstream facility in Iraq is under the rule of weapons.




After several days of combat the refinery goes to the control from the Iraqui Army, to the ISIS rebels and finally was recaptuured by Iraqui Army (for the moment).


Isis-Baiji 24 June 2014


Iraq's army-Baiji 25 June 2014


We want to complete the general news information about Baiji Refinery checking our industrial cards to provide new data.


At Baiji and very nearby we find at industryabout.com 3 different oil refineries:


NRC-Baiji North


NRC-Baiji Salahudin




The 3 refineries have 320,000 barrels per day of crude oil of installed capacity that make this location the main hub for the Iraqi refining activities and the main source of the country for refined products as gasoline, diesel,  kerosene, etc.


Other data about this question is about the finance structure of ISIS rebels. Most part of American population think that US government is supporting Iraqi government against ISIS Islamist rebel forces but reality seems to be more complicated and hardly different.


The main financial basis of ISIS rebels are Saudi Arabia individuals (from government?) collaboration and Crude Oil is sold to Turkey from Syrian ISIS controlled oilfields through Ceyhan port in Turkey.

Sold of crude oil to Turkey (a NATO member country) has the necessary agree of US government because it's impossible to sold this crude without US permits inside a NATO structure. Some involved companies are occidental transnationals like ExxonMobil, Total or Chevron for example.

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