18 October 2018. Hi there!. In recent times interner users are experiencing more and more information shortage. From "fake news" public controversy in the US, just a few months only, monopolistic companies on the internet (Google, Facebook, Twitter..) are deciding what is good for you and limit your imput information. You are now seing that Youtube Videos, Google Searches, Google Maps, Google News, Facebook Posts... are now less variated and are forming a continuous loop of the same information. Its just difficult to see new and fresh information outside the main media in the first positions.


IndustryAbout.com is experiencing for this reason growing bullying policies mainly from Google that are limiting our traffic and linkbuilding. Our reaction for that monopolistic dirty tricks is to facilitate to users more access to our information, especially certain areas with an economic and environmental public interest.


From this moment we are begining to liberate some of our extended information about the world industrial facilities and infra-structures (only for non-commercial purposes). So our team is going to prepare data to deliver information with .kml files for "Google Earth" and USERS of industryabout.com can be able to download and customise content with complete freedom.


For the first time today you can download our information from 136 Bangalore (India) industries and also a complementary data on population in census 2011 with only a click. By next days we are going to anounce more dataset in our Download Data new permanent section.


Thank you for your interest in industryabout.com, we are open to suggestions, corrections, or critics in: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


IndustryAbout.com Team


Go to: Download Data


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