Maps, Industrial Sectors and Industrial Cards.

The main ways to achieve data at are the 4 principal menus: Countries and Territories, Industrial Maps, Industries, and, Industrial News, where you can explore Industrial Cards one by one.



Industrial Maps:

At Industrial Maps menu you look up world, continental, regional and country maps with the different industrial sectors avaliable at each country or territory. Every industry is geolocated at their exact position, provided with decimal coordinates, and indicated with a marker in the map. If you press a marker in a Country (or bigger map) you can access to the related Industrial Card link.

Industrial maps with a large number of markers download in a few seconds.

At the bottom of the map you can see different avaliable Industrial Categories for each map and you can select one or more in a customized tab. You can "Uncheck All" Categories by clicking in the firat button. You can re-select all categories recharging the industrial map

In each industrial map you can click in every marker of the map and you can see the individual industrial card by clicking in the title.


Industries Menu:

A second menu is referred to industrial processes and raw materials grouped in a comprehensive checklist. The main issue to understand this classification is the flux of different materials from nature resources to indistrial products. For example: From Wood to a Wood Chair.

Next you can see the main industrial sectors and branches as appears at Industries Menu. Descriptions and countries avaliable of each industrial category are placed in a individual section of every industrial branch.

Building Materials
        Branches: Cement, Ceramic, Concrete, Glass, Insulation

Chemical Industry
        Branches: Chemical Intermediates, Fertilizer, Household Chemical, Inorganic Chemical, Oil Refining, Other Petrochemical, Paint and Coating, Pesticide, Pharmaceutical, Plastics, Rubber and Adhesives, Synthetic Fiber.

        Branches: Biomass, Fossil Fuels, Geothermal, Hydro, Landfill Gas, Nuclear, Solar, Tidal and Wave, Waste to Energy, Wind

Food and Allied Industry
        Branches: Animal Feed, Bakery, Beverage, Biofuel, Chocolate, Coffee and Infusion, Dairy, Desalination, Fishing, Frozen and Ready Meals, Fruit and Vegetable, Grain, Meat, Sugar, Tobacco, Vegetable Oil

Information Industry
        Branches: Computing Software, Electronics, Research and development, Telecommunications

Metal and Mechanics
        Branches: Aluminium, Appliances, Cable Manufacturing, Iron and Steel, Machinery, Other Metals and Alloys

Military Industry
        Branches: Aerospace Weapons, Land-Based Weapons, Naval Weapons

        Branches: Bauxite, Building Materials, Coal, Copper, Diamond, Fluorspar, Gemstone, Gold, Iron, Nickel, Oil and Gas, Other Metal, Phosphate, Platinum, Salt, Silver, Uranium, Zinc

Textile Industry
        Branches: Fabrics, Footwear, Garment and Accessories, Tanning, Textile Fiber

        Branches:  Aerospace, Airports, Automotive, Logistics, Ports, Shipbuilding

Wood & Paper
        Branches:  Paper, Wood

Other Industries
        Branches: Toy, Recycling


Industrial Cards (Countries & Territories Menu)

At this menu you can find individual Industrial Cards listed by the different industrial categories, always by alphabetical order.
Also you can find an individual facility or group simply using the Internal Search Engine of at the top and right side. All data is standarized, in the same way in all countries.

At Industrial Cards there are 2 different parts: Production data and Contact Data. At Production data you can find: Industrial Type, Main Area (within a country or territory), Ownership details represented by Owner and Shareholders sections.


Ownership details are hierarchical: owner is the operating company of the facility and Shareholders represent company holdings and the main stakeholders. "Activity since" and "Activity until" are dates of the beginning and the end (if it is a retired factory) of the production activities at each factory.

Contact details summarize address, email, phone and web page data. It also includes a link with Wikipedia articles related to each factory, the owner, or the Holding company. This data will be so useful to check factory activities and make bussines with them. Phone numbers are in a standarized form beginning with Country Code (with a + symbol), after that, Area Code between brackets (if area code exists at the related country) and, the final part is the individual phone number of the facility.

All data can be added, eliminated or corrected by users at Users system.



Appendix: All Industrial Branches by Alphabetical Order


1-  Aerospace Industry
2-  Aerospace Weapons Industry
3-  Airports
4-  Aluminium Industry
5-  Animal Feed Industry
6-  Appliances Industry
7-  Automotive Industry
8-  Bakery Industry
9-  Bauxite Mining
10- Beverage Industry
11- Biofuel Industry
12- Biomass Energy
13- Building Materials Mining
14- Cable Manufacturing Industry
15- Cement Industry
16- Ceramic Industry
17- Chemical Intermediates Industry
18- Chocolate Industry
19- Coal Mining
20- Coffee and Infusion Industry
21- Computing Software
22- Concrete Industry
23- Copper Mining
24- Dairy Industry
25- Desalination Industry
26- Diamond Mining
27- Electronics Industry
28- Fabrics Industry
29- Fertilizer Industry
30- Fishing Industry
31- Fluorspar Mining
32- Footwear Industry
33- Fossil Fuels Energy
34- Frozen and Ready Meals Industry
35- Fruit and vegetables Industry
36- Garment and Accessories Industry
37- Gemstone Mining
38- Geothermal Energy
39- Glass Industry
40- Gold Mining
41- Grain Industry
42- Household Chemical Industry
43- Hydro Energy
44- Inorganic Chemical Industry
45- Insulation Industry
46- Iron Mining
47- Iron and Steel Industry
48- Land Based Weapons Industry
49- Landfill Gas Energy
50- Logistics
51- Machinery Industry
52- Meat Industry
53- Naval Weapons Industry
54- Nickel Mining
55- Nuclear Energy
56- Oil and Gas
57- Oil Refineries
58- Other Metals and Alloys
59- Other Metal Mining
60- Other Petrochemical Industry
61- Paint and Coating Industry
62- Paper Industry
63- Pesticide Industry
64- Pharmaceutical Industry
65- Phosphate Mining
66- Plastics Industry
67- Platinum Mining
68- Ports
69- Recycling
70- Research and Development
71- Rubber and Adhesives Industry
72- Salt Industry
73- Shipbuilding
74- Silver Mining
75- Solar Energy
76- Sugar Industry
77- Synthetic Fiber Industry
78- Tanning Industry
79- Telecommunications
80- Textile Fiber Industry
81- Tidal and Wave Energy
82- Tobacco Industry
83- Toy Industry
84- Uranium Mining
85- Vegetable Oil Industry
86- Waste to Energy
87- Wind Energy
88- Wood Industry
89- Zinc Mining


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