Type: Oil Refinery

Area: Lagunes

Installed Capacity: 71,000 barrels per day

Products: Diesel Oil (38.2%), Butane, Gasoline (17.2%), Kerosene, Jet A1, Gas Oil (9.8%), Heavy Vacuum Oil

Owner: Société Ivoirienne de Raffinage SA (SIR)

Shareholders:  Government of Côte d'Ivoire (47.3%), TOTAL (25.4%), Shell International Ltd (10.3%), ExxonMobil Cote d'Ivoire (8%), Chevron Corporation (3.7%)

Activity Since: 1962




Coordinates: 5.260418,-3.993468

Address: Boulevard de Petit-Bassam 1, BP 1269, Abidjan


Phone: +225 2127 0160

Web: petroci.ci

Wikipedia: SIR


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