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  • Type: Oil Sands Mine (Open-pit)
  • Area: Alberta
  • Commodities: Oil Sands
  • Installed Capacity: 145,000 barrels per day
  • Products: Synthetic Light Crude Oil
  • Owner: Kearl Oil Sands Project
  • Shareholders: Imperial Oil Limited (71%), ExxonMobil Corporation (29%)
  • Activity Since: 2013


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  • Notes: Expansion of additional 110,000 barrels per day of bitumen is scheduled to late 2015.
  • Notes: This at this moment the sole oil sand mine project that not requires an upgrader due to the use of paraffinic froth treatment technology, which involves diluting the bitumen to reduce the amount of water and solid waste so it is easier to transport. Bitumen transported will be upgraded and refined in a conventional oil refinery near Edmonton (Strathcona-Imperial Oil Refinery)