Provide industrial information to the general public. Information will be based in usability, transparency and, standarization. Our updated information is not automatic or based in robots but artisanal based in handwork. This statement guarantee the quality and originality of our data.



-Our strategy include an ever-growing database of industrial facilities freely accessible focused in the main interesting areas.

-Underdeveloped countries will be treated in the same way as advanced countries. Free Industrial information will be provided with our public access database.

-Colaboration with user or other industrial information sources are deeply  inside our  principles. Also we will provide support to academic research of world industries and its historical development.



-An ever-growing database of industries until a total view of worldclass and country class industries of a certain territory.

-Industrial information standarization, “all the countries in the same way”.

-Evolve to a reference source of industrial information based in user collaboration.